UPCNL International mission trip program

Working in Unity so that every joint supplies its share Ephesians 4:16   

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Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network Ltd is a non-profit Organization fully registered by the government of Uganda with a Registration Certificate No: 80020000512511and other Governmental Registration documents as seen below.

We have been operating for over 7 years and we have 2,154 member Churches and Ministries around Uganda. Two years ago we considered of Coordinating international mission trip with a desire of working with those who say YES to the call of God on their lives and we have hosted different teams from different parts of the global. More teams in photo gallery

Yes, you provide your passion for sharing the love of Christ. We provide opportunities for hands-on experience once you give us a visit whether you give us a visit as an individual, family group, church team, Bible College, Bible school team or School of ministry team, we offer a wide variety of ways to live out your faith. Whatever your Gift, skills, passions or background is, there’s an opportunity for you to share the love of Christ with people of Uganda. We give everyone opportunity to operate in various kinds of ministry. Whether it is preaching and teaching, Praying/healing and deliverance ministry and many more activity that you can take part in which brings you closer to God personally, and show His great love for people of Uganda as you may see our International mission trip programs. Mission Trip  Footage YouTube https://youtu.be/HehsZIFjJN8