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Working in Unity so that every joint supplies its share Ephesians 4:16   

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Mission trip costs

The cost depends on the length of Time you want to spend in Uganda and the variety of ministry:

For example:

The costs for a variety of four ministry plus

  1. Ground transportation
  2. Meals/ snacks
  3. Lodging
  4. Touring to see attractive things we have in Uganda like. The source of Rive Nile ‘‘World’s Longest River”

  For Short-term (one to two weeks)

1 person cost: $ 2,715

For a team of 2 to 5 people, everyone pays: $ 2,215

For a team of 6 to 10 people everyone pays: $ 1,560

For a team of 11 to 20 people everyone pays: $ 1,440

For 21 and above everyone pays: $ 1,250

For Long-term (One month) costs

1 person cost: $ 3,286 add 571

For a team of 2 to 5 people, everyone pays: $ 2,786

For a team of 6 to 10 people everyone pays: $ 2,382

For a team of 11 to 20 people everyone pays: $ 2,135

For 21 and above everyone pays: $ 1,855


If you desire a different variety from the above, there will be an additional cost that will be incurred. So speak up your variety and we arrange it for you as you have seen all we do.


What is not covered in the above costs?

The above cost doesn’t cover your personal spending money, gratuities where appropriate (waiters, bus drivers, housekeeping, etc.), passport and visa fee even your Airfare/Ticket. Flight costs depending on the country of departure, current economic conditions and fuel prices.  Here are the few cheap airfare internet sites can be accessed below:

Farecompare.com - http://www.farecompare.com

Expedia.com - http://www.expedia.com 

orbitz.com - http://www.orbitz.com

kayak.com - http://www.kayak.com

Typically, prices range from $1400 US to more than $2000 US.

 In addition to the cost of flights, a Uganda entry visa which costs $55 US must be purchased.  This visa may be obtained in advance through any Ugandan embassy; it can also be purchased at Entebbe airport.  If you intend to purchase a visa at the Entebbe airport, you will need to have the $55 US payment in cash when you land.


Getting to Uganda takes time.  From North America, the trip usually takes more than a day.  Typically, planes fly from North America to London or Amsterdam and then on to Entebbe in Uganda like KLM. Once you’re arriving in Uganda, we meet you or your team at the Entebbe airport. The trip from Entebbe airport skirts to Uganda capital city Kampala, takes 1:30 hour’s.

If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to contact. Our ears are always open and ready to hear from you

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