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Working in Unity so that every joint supplies its share Ephesians 4:16   

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We want to share with you what God has done in during the past months 0f 2018.

During the past Months of 2018, We Reached villages that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ and 1,821 people got saved through Open Air Crusades and 1,000 were baptized.

This is the passion on our hearts, to proclaim upon rooftops and everywhere that Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and life.

We have preached the Gospel through sports activities like Football and many people got saved.

As Christ commanded us to teach those who get saved to observe all things, we have done Believers Conferences in order to root the word of God in the hearts of the new bone babies to become Disciples of Christ. Matthew 28:18-20

We left Four churches planted and fellowshipping in temporary shelters, believing God for the permanent buildings.

We have done Church Leaders and Ministers Biblical Trainings.

Last year we got a big challenge in our country when a pastor Burnt Thousands of Holy Bibles and Good News Vision as you may see in the photos below.

Pastor Bugingo claims that the devil worshipers want people to worship ghosts and that is why they call Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost. For Good News Bible he said that there are some verses which is missing like Matthew 17: 21 that was why he Burnt those Bible Visions. You can get more of this https://campusbee.ug/.../pastor-bugingo-burns-thousands-holy-bibles- makerere-kikoni/) OR Ugandan pastor burns Bibles - Daily Monitor www.monitor.co.ug/...Pastor-Bugingo-burns-Bibles/.../index.html

This pastor who burned the Bibles obviously has no knowledge of the Bible. He doesn’t even know where the Bible comes from and doesn't have the very basics of textural interpretation, inspiration, and the history of the Bible and Christianity that was why he did such a terrible thing.

For sure many Bible colleges are in place in our country for a long time but with the high fees they charge and the level of education they demand has resulted that many church leaders and ministers cannot afford to join those bible colleges and most of the Bible colleges and Bible schools are planted in our capital city areas which is very difficult also for the Rural Area church leaders and ministers to join.

That was why we came up with Leaders and Ministers Basic Biblical Training program for current and future leaders of churches, ministries and kingdom minded organizations.

During these six months, over 500 church leaders have received Basic Biblical Training as you may see.

Since we started the Training, we have seen improvement and good change in church Leaders but we’re still having the challenge of Biblical Training materials and I would like humbly to request you if possible on your side, you would have send us any Biblical materials or curriculum you have which is useful in training church leaders and ministers.

And if it is possible with you to teach us, we have a simple way of learning through Skype. The reason is most of the church leaders and ministers in our country do not have access to computer. In that they can’t learn through On line teachings and that is why we suggested Skype teachings because we can gather the Region Leaders and after learning, they can go back and teach other church leaders and ministers in their Regions so that the church leaders and ministers get Basic Biblical knowledge.

So if you’re teach us through Skype, you have to choose the day or days which is best suites your schedule but you need to consider this.

  • The time you can manage also matters as we’re seven to nine hours ahead of most of the western countries as we’re in East Africa where the sun is rising from.
  • For example, when it is night to your place, it is day to our place. Remember to look for the time difference.
  • Here is My Skype address: you can add me.
  • Pastor David Serunkuma

Thank you for the consideration of our request and we trust the good Lord to be able to hear from you.

 As James 1:27, ‘‘Religion that God the Father accepts as pure and faultless is this, to Look after the Orphans and Widows in their distress……’’. We have reached out to the widows and we ministered to them physically and spiritually. In some African traditions, when a husband dies, the husband's family takes the property and all other belongings away from the widow and her children, leaving them destitute as you may see the widow with her three children in the photo below.

She has nothing...Sleeps on a dirt floor in a rented house. A neighbor is letting her use his land to plant crops to feed her family. Her land was taken by her relatives. Really you cannot get your brain around this, it is very surreal.

We have reached out to the widows, single mothers, poor families and Elderly people through Dorkas Ministry (www.dm.cfsites.org). Dorkas Ministry is a ministry which carters for the Neglected and Abandoned Women, Girls, Widows, Single Mothers, Elderly people, Poor families and Vulnerable children like Parentless, Orphans, Abandoned, Disabled and Street Children.

Dorkas Ministry Footage


Our recent outreach to Elderly people, we found this old man sleeping under a tree as you may see.

Though we blessed him with eating stuff, it wasn’t enough to restore his hope as he sleeps under a tree.

                  And we have started raising money to build him a single room house because food

                  Blessing is not enough has he doesn’t have a house to sleep and we welcome every one to join

                   Us in this campaign of giving hope to this old man.

We have done also School outreach and seen a great change in students.

So once God leads you to give us a visit this year of 2018 or in future, you’re highly welcome. Whatever your Gift, skills, passions or background, there’s an opportunity for you to share the love of Christ with people of Uganda. We give everyone opportunity to operate in various kinds of ministry as you may see on our Website (www.upcnl.cfsites.org) with all the information about our Mission Trips and you can watch our Network Footage on hhttps://youtu.be/HehsZIFjJN8

If you have any information you need, please speak up. our ears are always open, and ready to hear from you.

You can speak to me through the addresses below:

  •  FaceBook Page address:

PastorDavid Serunkuma Sebunza

  • Whattsapp Number

+256 778 082 704

  • Skype address:

Pastor David Serunkuma

  • Telephone:

+256 788 187 940, +256 756 388 745, +256, 700 157 025

  • You can Email us: 

 upcndavid@gmail.com  or upcnoffice@gmail.com  or upcnlmissiontrip@gmail.com

  • You can write us:

Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network:
P.O.BOX 212 Nateete Uganda East Africa

 Mission Trip  Footage YouTube https://youtu.be/HehsZIFjJN8
Thank you and we’re eagerly waiting to hearing from you.

In Christ
David Serunkuma Sebunza
President and Chairperson

We are anon-profit Organization fully registered by the government of Uganda. (Reg No: 80020000512511) with 2,154 member Churches and ministries around Uganda.